Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scrap Busting with Leaders & Enders

The idea for Leaders and Enders (chain-piecing scraps in between the beginning and ending of your main quilting/sewing project), comes from the sewing genius of Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  

However, it isn't a new idea to me, I learned about it at a quilt retreat from some very experienced quilters who I really admire: (Michelle, Peggy, and Robin) these chica's probably produce a quilt a week, or sew it seams!
These are some pics of my Leaders & Enders project in various stages of development that have been an ongoing chain-piecing of 9-patch and spool blocks.  
Unfinished at 3.5 inches.       
Below is an example from a couple of summers ago using 1.5 inch scraps into a 100 square postage stamp quiltlet.  It was a Leaders and Enders project of leftovers from a quilt made of 30's fabric...I just didn't call it a Leaders and Enders project back then.

So I actually have been doing it, Leaders and Enders for awhile, but not on purpose...
I'm doing it on purpose now!
This has really got me excited about busting up my stash of various scraps & crumbs I have collected over the years!  And I don't have to feel guilty about keeping quilty castoffs because after awhile there will be a finished quilt born out of Leaders and Enders  Yeah me!


Is this news to you? Let me know!


Michelle said...

You know I love Leaders and Enders! I'm definitely hooked. Can't wait to see your progress! :)

Robin said...

Hooray for leaders and enders!!! Your projects looks great, Christie! Its so much fun that they just sort of "sew themselves" and before you know it you have enough to make a quilt!

Sandra Henderson said...

Hey girl!~ I am SOOOOO behind in blogging, as you can tell from mine, nothing new on there and I have a plenty!~ lol
I"m sewing away with Bonnie Hunter! ~lol

Love your blog!~
Thanks for the card and fabric, so sweet.
Hope all is well.