Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sewing in my new home!

Whew!  Finally have most of the boxes unpacked or figured out where they belong anyway.  I found boxes that had been packed up from 4 moves ago (we've moved 6 times since we got married), we have a lot of crap, which I'm embarrassed by, but wanted you to get the gist of what I'm communicating. 
Robino has been saying we need to purge and get minimalistic...he may be onto a brilliant idea...I'm such a wise woman married to such a wise man!  

The Quilterhood's Newest Location Debut

Yesterday I got my sewing room unpacked and organized for the most part...obviously I have been sewing despite that fact!  There's a few ongoing projects up there on the design wall.  The mosaic squares (not sure if that's the correct name for what's up there, but I like it)--that's a leaders and enders project of 1.5-inch squares sewn together and I finally began joining pieces together.  I got inspired to do this when I saw the backing on Bonnie's Easy Street quilt!  If you scroll to the bottom of her post, you can see what I'm referring to.

The storage situation here has totes upon totes because I lost furniture pieces to other parts of the house. 
But I still have my six foot table, but instead of making an L-shaped area to sew-n-piece in (chuckle, chuckle...)  I have the table on the other side of the room to stack totes under it and other miscellaneous, sewing treasures!

My new room is an odd room without a closet, situated off of the living room, perhaps originally intended to be the dining room since it has these great French doors!  Well, it is now a repurposed room without any storage.  

I think I could find some new storage ideas at Ikea and its only 45 minutes away, the closest we've ever lived to one!  We're big fans of Ikea :) I counted 7 things in this photo that we've purchased from there!
 Speaking of Easy Street, the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  I unpacked the steps I had been working on before we moved last month.  This is what I was working on today during her Quilt Cam, here is my progress on Step One.  Sets of 4-patches...look at those spinning seams!  I learned how to do that from this tutorial...yes, by Bonnie! 
LOL, I have to give this lady credit for being such a help to me via her books and her blog...guess that's what helped me to update my blog with a new post!!!  One day I will write a book too!


Robin said...

Hooray for being settled in to your new sewing room! You'll find room for it all...I have no closet in my current room either so I feel your pain! Great job on step 1 of easy're gonna love the finished quilt. Glad to see you update your blog too!

Michelle said...

Your new room looks awesome! I bet that was meant to be an "office," but I'd make it a sewing room too! You'll definitely find some great storage at that place! Good job on Easy Street!